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Medical and Paratransit transportation requires the highest levels of customer care, safety, and reliability. Often the people being transported are wheelchair bound or have other mobility issues. Most of the vehicles designed for this type of transportation offer rear entry or side entry with ramps and lifts.

Empire Bus recognizes the important services Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT) companies provide to those who are unable to use regular transportation services including the elderly and disabled. We are proud to support medical transport and paratransit service companies with safe and reliable transportation options such as low floor wheelchair accessible vans and full-size raised roof accessible vans that are versatile and able to serve the needs of your customers.

Questions you may consider when purchasing:

When considering seating capacity, also assess the licenses required to operate larger occupancy vehicles and the transportation requirements of your current customers, as well as possible future accounts you may take on in the future.

Empire Bus understands that the details are important in order to stay compliant with ADA and NY State DOT standards. Whether you require wheelchair positions and lifts or audible notifications for the visually impaired, we have you covered. We will work with you and your team to make sure you stay compliant and your passengers remain safe.

Empire Bus knows the importance of flexibility and we are ready to help your clients regardless of their disabilities. Integrating this simple option to your floor plan is a great way to be prepared to support your customers’ needs and get them to their important appointments.

Let us take care of the additional stress and headache that a NY State DOT inspection can bring. Empire Bus can bring your new purchase to you already DOT inspected, DOT stickered, and ready to go! Just ask, we are happy to help!

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