Built Like A Champion


Champion Bus began manufacturing commercial vehicles in 1980 and has grown to support its customers with a 194,000 sq’ production facility ensuring their continued commitment to “Build Like a Champion.” With a production team focused on safety and quality they often exceed best practices while also leading the industry in design and innovation — and that’s why Empire Bus is a proud dealer of Champion Bus.

Champion was one of the first manufacturers to send a cutaway bus to undergo durability testing at the Federal Transit Authority’s Altoona, Pennsylvania, testing facility and continues to test all buses on a simulated Altoona test track at the manufacturing facility. Champion prides itself on using 1.5” x 1.5”, 16-gauge, tube galvanized steel cage on every bus, making them some of the safest and most robust buses in the industry.


Choice is the name of the game with the Champion Challenger. This shuttle offers a wide array of floor plans and can accommodate up to 29 passengers. Built on the Ford chassis, the variety of lengths and options make the Challenger the ultimate choice for fixed and paratransit routes in any market.

LF Transport

The LF Transport delivers where others fall short. Standard options of the quickest kneeling level recovery, automatic self-leveling and the additional 2.5” of height from the standard Ford OEM ride height make the LF Transport an easy front runner. With flexible floorplans ranging from 13-22 passengers it’s the smart choice when a low floor vehicle is needed, no company can compare to the Ford conversions produced by Champion Bus.

Defender F550

The F550 Defender ensures the safety and production of your riders, while also offering a smooth, comfortable ride that you have come to expect with a Champion Bus. With the capability of carrying 33 passengers, this vehicle has the ability to be built specifically to your needs.

Defender Freightliner

For over 20 years, unsurpassed quality, safety and innovation has made Champion Bus one of the market’s leaders. The Defender Freightliner carries on a tradition and adds the ability to produce a high capacity 44 passenger, heavy duty performance vehicle. Champion delivers a ride tailored to your needs with the Defender Freightliner.

LF Avenger

The LF Avenger is no exception when it comes to the strength and reliability expected from Champion Bus. Boasting the innovative option of raising the vehicle 2.5” higher than typical OEM ride height, the LF Avenger provides spacious interior layouts with numerous options, giving every vehicle a custom feel.
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