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Ford Transit ADA Vans, Passenger Shuttles & Specialty Vans

MobilityTRANS was founded in 1992, quickly becoming recognized as a high quality manufacturer for non-emergency medical transportation using the Ford Transit as their base for construction. As they continued to grow they showed their commitment to the industry by following ISO 9001 guidelines; assuring customers a superior quality that is safe, reliable, and consistently meeting regulatory requirements. MobilityTRANS provides the safest commercial vehicles manufactured to meet all QVM, FMVSS, NHTSA and ADA standards.

The Ford Transit is available in three roof heights and three lengths, providing superior flexibility to accommodate floor plans and meet the requirements of both ambulatory and wheelchair passengers. Models can be equipped with either a rear or side wheelchair lift, assuring the end users’ needs are fulfilled.

Empire Bus offers MobilityTRANS as a trusted provider for many purposes including:

  • Transit authorities and DOTs
  • Human services agencies
  • NEMT (Non-emergency medical transport)
  • Hospitals
  • Senior care facilities
  • Hotels, taxis, and more


The Eldorado Advance is built on the Ford Transit chassis. The Transit chassis is ideal for shuttles, senior transportation, and small group travel. The Advance can accommodate up to 14 passengers or 12 seated passengers with 2 wheelchairs. Built with Eldorado’s tubular steel “cage” construction with non- corrosive FRP exterior panels, the Advance is a durable and comfortable bus with an automotive feel for your drivers and passengers.

Passenger Van

Since the Advantage’s 2012 inception, this affordable mid-size bus was one of the first fully integrated steel cage body produced at Eldorado. Built on the Ford E-Series chassis, this model can be customized to comfortably seat up to 29 passengers, with ADA compliant floorplans, the Advantage can accommodate up to 20 seated passengers with 2 wheelchair positions.

First Class Shuttle

Since its introduction to the industry in 1985, the AeroTech has been a best seller and a benchmark for all others. The rust proof steel reinforced fiberglass composite body provides for lower temperature absorption, improved sound insulation and significant shock absorption minimizing damage and increasing safety in the event of an accident. Not to mention sleek modern curves with a gelcoat shine that will shimmer for the life of the vehicle with very easy maintenance. The Aerotech is available on the Ford E-Series and Chevrolet 3500 chassis with seating for up to 25. ADA floorplans are also available with seating for 16 with 2 wheelchairs.

Prisoner Transport

The largest of the Eldorado “Aero” product line, the AeroElite accommodates up to 33 passengers. ADA compliant floorplans can accomodate up to 28 seated passengers with 2 wheelchairs. Built with a steel-reinforced composite fiberglass body, the AeroElite is highly rust, impact and corrosion resistant with a sleek style that withstands time and the toughest of environments. The AeroElite is available on the Ford F550 and IC (International) medium duty chassis. With the optional rear luggage compartment, the AeroElite is ideal for college athletics, tour, and charter applications.
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