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We understand the people in your communities are vital to your continued success and growth. Therefore, you need the best transportation at the right price. When working with our team at Empire Bus your organization will be able to use our knowledge and experience to help develop the transportation solution that best fulfills your needs.

Empire Bus offers seating capacities from 14 to 40 from top quality bus manufacturers such as Champion, Eldorado, and Federal.

Questions you may consider when purchasing:

When considering seating capacity also assess the licenses required to operate vehicles carrying 14 or more passengers’, and the number of community members that participate in outings.
Sometimes a little additional cargo space is helpful when travelling to events or after an adventurous outing that may have required a few shopping stops along the way. Adding rear luggage compartments or overhead storage may be a consideration to maximize your vehicles’ use.

The law is the law, so let’s do it right from the beginning. Empire Bus Sales, LLC. knows the laws and regulations of the road and we will guide you through the process to keep you well within them.

Let’s make sure everyone in your community can participate. Consider your groups’ need for including wheelchair members, so we can help you plan and maximize your floor plan. We are creative and know how to maximize your floor plan so everyone can be included.

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