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Empire Bus has the expertise to bring specialty designs to completion. Whether you need a specialized medical unit, a community service vehicle, a mobile office, prison and secure transport vehicles, or mobile classroom and training buses, we can work with you to build the perfect vehicle.

Questions you may consider when purchasing:

Make a list of what you will need to include and store in your new mobile unit, so nothing is overlooked. Empire Bus. can help you consider options and offer helpful solutions to keep you organized and ready for the job at hand.

Depending on the application of your new bus or van, you may need to think of ways to divide up your space in order to conquer all the tasks at hand. Empire Bus. will work with you to understand your needs and applications, so you can make the best decision for your organization.

Empire Bus has gained experience and knowledge from working with several law enforcement and corrections agencies over the years. We know what is needed to keep our officers and those being securely transported safe and secure. Let us know what is most important to you in your vehicle’s application and we will help build it with you.

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